Trying to eat more veggies

Wait, our taxes are due in a week…I should be working on them.  I am almost done and turbotax is making me cross-eyed.  So, I thought I’d share some recipes I’ve tried (and liked!) recently.

My oldest kid is a picky eater but she reliably eats broccoli, peas, carrots, and green beans, so I can’t really complain that she insists that her cheese NOT be melted or that her noodles do not have sauce on them.  My 2 year old son, however, reliably throws his veggies on the floor…and has been doing this for several months now.  The only thing he will eat is sweet potatoes.  So, I have been trying to find ways to get him to eat more veggies.  One very successful attempt were these green smoothies, which he calls “smoodies.”  He LOVES these.  And there is no way I could get him to eat that much spinach…I used frozen mangoes and peaches (separately) in place of the guava and skipped the ice cubes.  Initially, my oldest did not like these, but I have since experimented with this recipe and if I use less spinach, she loves it.  My husband also said the original recipe was surprisingly good.

For Easter dinner, I tried this root vegetable macaroni and cheese, which was really a high risk recipe since the oldest thinks cheese was not meant to be melted.  But, I thought the little guy might dig it since he will eat melted cheese and likes spaghetti.  I didn’t have any parsnips on hand (seriously, who does?) so just used the carrots.  Unfortunately, I tried at three different meals to get him to eat this and he refused.  And the cheese snob also did not like this.  I really liked the recipe though.  I am thinking of trying it again with the parsnips…

One of my friends recently suggested a recipe for quesadillas with spinach mixed with black beans.  This I tried a couple of ways, both without a recipe.  First, I just mashed the black beans and layered them with spinach sautéed with garlic and cheese.  This was not a hit.  However, blending the beans and spinach creates this bean dip-like spread and that really seemed to make the difference.

These are obviously kid-oriented recipes, but I enjoyed all of them as well.


3 responses to “Trying to eat more veggies

  • Kacie

    Today I made pasta-less lasagna….Instead of lasagna noodles I used zucchini in thin slices and I must say it was excellent. It’s surprising how close it tasted to real lasagna. Suzanne has been making spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles to mix with spaghetti and alfredo sauce and that’s a pretty good combo too.

    My next two dishes that I’m going to try is mashed cauliflower…apparently it tastes a lot like mashed potatoes, and crustless quiche. I love quiche so I’m sure it will be delicious! The other thing that is good about quiche is that you can make it the night before or even in the crock pot. I even saw a recipe for a pizza quiche…I will be trying lots of variations so I’ll let you know which is best!

    • swimmercowgirl

      We bought some butternut squash spaghetti sauce a while back at Costco that was awesome. Haven’t been able to find it since. Let me know about the quiche. I’ve been trying to make things that I can freeze a little bit of for later so that might work…

  • Spencer Johnson

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